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Cottage Carolin Göhl

4 Sterne Ferienwohnung Nr. 1 Südbalkon
3 Sterne Ferienwohnung Nr. 2 Ostbalkon
3 Sterne Ferienwohnung Nr. 3 Westbalkon

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He is a group of dedicated citizens in the areas of rental, retail and craft of the district Bad Hindelang. More information here ...

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The hosts with a heart are an association privately and family-run landlord in the Allgäu. Within these initiatives are the BEST award with its own quality seal.

'Natürlich hindelang' - the particular host in the Allgäu. A lot of joy, but also professionalism in dealing with the guest - that's a given, as is the preservation of tradition and nature for us in Bad Hindelang in the Allgäu. You can expect a high standard of quality.