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Cottage Carolin Göhl

Excursions and places of interest page

Kutschenmuseum in Hinterstein / Carriage Museum Hinterstein
Die historischen Hammerschmieden in Bad Hindelang / The historical hammer mill
Viehscheid in Bad Hindelang (fast immer am 11.September)
Bad Hindelanger Erlebnis-Weihnachtsmarkt
Warsteiner Wintermontgolfiade Bad Hindelang im Januar - Hier "Ballonglühen"
Königsschloß Neuschwanstein bei Füssen im Allgäu / Neuschwanstein Castle
Lindauer Hafen am Bodensee / The Lake Constance
Blumeninsel Mainau im Bodensee / Island Mainau in the Lake Constance

Tours & Attractions

Carriage Museum Hinterstein

The carriage museum Hinterstein can be found very near Bad Hindelang - not far from the village of Hinterstein. The museum is an unimpressive woodshed from the outside. You will be surprised already outside by diverse art objects , wind chimes and other sound emitting work of arts and an artificial grotto that is illuminated by countless candles. There are a variety of sleighs and carriages on display. The exhibition pieces are adorned with various stuffed animals such as the wolf , fox, bear and horse.
The Carriage Museum Hinterstein is opened daily and is free (stand August 2006).
Let yourself be enchanted by its unique atmosphere - especially for kids a really fascinating experience.





Homeland museum

 ...in the restaurant “Obere Mühle” in the district of Bad Oberdorf .




The historical hammer mill ...

… at the river Ostrach are also worth visiting.

After the Counts of Montfort had been awarded the mining tools in the beginning of the 16th Century, they opened several mines in the valley of Hinterstein in the present-day municipal area of Bad Hindelang. The extracted ore was smelted in the smeltery between Hinterstein and Bad Oberdorf. A significant " arms industry " developed:

Records in Innsbruck show that (for example in the years 1520 – 1524) almost 20,000 lances from the Hindelang armories were supplied for the armies of the Emperor Maximilian.

Today, more peaceful equipment is produced amongst others the coveted wrought-iron fry pan .





Viehscheid in Bad Hindelang

Every year on 11th of September takes place the traditional cattle splitting in Bad Hindelang. Only if the 11th of September is a Sunday, it will be at the Saturday before,  the 10th of September. 1000 cattles from six mountain pastures are returned by their herders to their owners. There is also a large flea market with a bear tent, sales boothes etc.

A Bad Hindelang tradition that you should not miss.





Bad Hindelang experience Christmas Market

Each year at Christmas time, a romantic cottage village brings our guests and visitors in a fantasy world with lots of light and harmony. Feel the fascination of a unique dream like our Christmas procession or enjoy the musical nativity scene. Artisans and storytellers embellish your best time of the year.






Warsteiner Wintermontgolfiade in Bad Hindelang with balloon glow

Every year in the second week of January up to 40 balloons ascend to heaven in Bad Hindelang.

A special experience is the balloon glow usually on Saturday at 5 o´clock  in the afternoon.

Location: on the large meadow below the bus station







Once a year at the beginning of October, up to 150 historical and magnificent vehicles show their skills at the Joch Pass Memorial on the famous mountain pass “Jochpass” between Bad Hindelang and Oberjoch. Certainly a breathtaking experience for guests and drivers - on Saturday and Sunday starting at 08.30 o´clock .






Royal Castles

Neuschwanstein Castle

Built in the years 1869 - 1886 by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, the today world-famous castle in the style of a medieval castle until he died in 1886. Today Neuschwanstein is one of the most visited castles in Europe. 1.3 million people visit it annually , " the castle of the fairy-tale king ".

Hohenschwangau Castle

1832 - 1836 Crown Prince Maximilian of Bavaria gave the order for the rebuilding of the ruined castle Schwanstein in the neo-Gothic style.
King Ludwig II spent his youth here. Hohenschwangau was the summer residence of the later King Max II and long-term residence of Ludwig II.

Linderhof Palace

Linderhof Palace , which is " Royal Villa" of Ludwig II, was built in the years 1874-1878 in the French Rococo style, and it is the smallest of the Dream Palaces of the King.






The Lake Constance

You need about an hour then you are in the first place on Lake Constance.

Mainau Island - the famous Flower island in Lake Constance.

A dream of an earthly paradise in every season an experience for young and old.
Palm, orange , parrot , rose gardens , orchids , etc ...